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Bulk SMS Online Services.

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Bulk SMS marketing is a one of the best and most effective ways to make contact with existing and potential clients. IDS SMS offers a direct communication channel that’s simple to set up and manage with a host of increasing features. This efficient business communication tool is in the pocket of every one of your customers, club and church/organisation members. With in excess of 60 000 000 cell phones in South Africa (2013-wikipedia), SMS communication used wisely is a tool that has enormous potential. With the continuous evolving of technology, text messaging remains relevant, practical, affordable, dependable and simple to use.
BULK SMS 3 steps 1
BULK SMS 3 steps 1
BULK SMS 3 steps 1
Flash Tutorials on how to SET UP your SMS Account, CLICK HERE
Product Features
Personalised Messages Import Data: XLS, CSV, Text SMS Templates
Auto Reply Reports Auto Opt Out
Set Local Time Low Credit Warning SMS Replies
Replies to Mobile or Email Create Groups Download Group
Maintain Group Numbers Send Message to Group/s Send to selected only
Edit / Add numbers in group Append or Overwrite Group/s Unlimited Groups
Variables to personlise: 6 Import message Send Now or Schedule
Birthday Messages Send Tag Messages Campaigns
Sub Accounts Manage Sub Accounts Full API

International Bulk SMS can be sent via this site, CLICK HERE to find out more!