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Bulk SMS Pricing

The more you buy, the cheaper it gets!

IDS SMS offers SMS text messaging at competitive wholesale prices. Our unit price is dependent on volume and frequency purchased, so the more you buy, the cheaper it gets.

There are no monthly subscriptions or set up fees, you only pay for the SMSes you purchase. 1 SMS will cost you 1 SMS credit.

Note: Purchases done on a regular basis can be paid for by debit order.

Running a campaign and dont have the time or inclination to send your own SMS?
Contact us, we will do it for you!!

There are special rates for non-profit organisations, contact us for more information.
Official proof will need to be submitted verifying the NPO.

The Bulk SMS’s can send up to a maximum of 440 characters. This will be made up of 3 units, each unit is approx. 160 characters.

SMS Volumes Cost Per SMS
(all incl)
Cost per SMS
1 – 1000 R0.34 R0.30
1001 – 5000 R0.33 R0.29
5001 – 10 000 R0.32 R0.28
10 001 – 30 000 R0.30 R0.26
30 001 – 50 000 R0.29 R0.25
50 001 – 250 000 R0.28 R0.24
250 001  – 500 000 R0.27 R0.23
> 500 001 Contact Us Contact Us

There are no setup or ongoing subscription fees or regular purchases required. Bulk SMS Units are valid for 12 months. Payments are made via EFT. Regular verified clients can apply for other methods of payment such as debit order for regular purchases or Credit cards. Credit card payments need to be approved with supporting ID and not done online.