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Bulk SMS Purchase

Create an Account

Before purchasing SMS units you need to create an account with IDS-SMS. Sign up now!

How to purchase Bulk SMS Units

Purchasing SMS Units is easy! Simply follow the steps below to purchase Units and start sending!

1. Make Contact

Contact us via the ORDER UNITS page with the following information:

  • Your Name & Surname
  • Your Username
  • Your Email address
  • SMS units required (1 SMS = 1 unit)

2. Invoice

You will receive an invoice via email.

3. Payment

Deposit the invoiced amount via EFT into the bank account listed on the invoice (also listed below).

4. Send Proof of Payment

Email admin@idssms.co.za proof of payment to speed up the process.

5. Get the Credits

Once proof of payment is received, your SMS account will be credited with the relevant number of SMS Units.

Please note

  • Electronic Transfer (EFT) is the only accepted method of payment. Debit Order or Credit Cards accepted by prior arrangement only.
  • When paying online via EFT, select the option to notify us by email: admin@idssms.co.za. An official bank proof of payment notification is acceptable for us to issue your units.
  • Minimum number of units that can be purchased at one time is: 2000
  • Minimum number of units for resellers are: 5000

Banking Details
Account Name: Internet Directory Services
Bank: ABSA
Account Number: 9126763658
Branch Code: 632005
Reference: Your username (without this we do not know who you are)